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Anything to help make your college life easier! As long as it is legal and does not violate your university policy. From assisting you with a scholarship essay, to helping you find answers for homework, to even constructing a resume.

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  • Kameron, CA Great Communication
    You saved me so many times! You even managed to find me class notes so that I could prepare for the exam.
  • Stewart, OH Excelent Services
    I love that you can simply text and there is a real person always willing and able to help! It’s like talking to a best friend.
  • Thomas, FL Very Supportive!!!
    This is so cool to know that if I need help with all the small things at uni I can always come to Nerdster and support is always available. No forms, no waiting - simply tell what you need - and that’s it!

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Anything, as long as it helps with your studies. Of course, if it’s legal and doesn’t cause violation of policies. Simply give it a try!

If you need a specific product – it will depend on the specific product. If it’s something you can get via email or phone – we’ll deliver it asap.

You can text us for free. Your personal Nerdster costs $20 - $35 per hour. But don’t worry, we’ll quote you the price BEFORE making a purchase. So it’s up to you whether to make the purchase.

We accept PayPal or all major Credit/Debit cards. We’ll send you a link that will take you to secure PayPal page. You can pay right from your phone. PayPal secures the HTTPS page where you enter your card info with a 128-bit encryption. We don’t have access to your credit card data.

What is a Nerdster?

– noun Nerd • Ster

1. An intelligent, nerdy, not-quite hipster.
I met this nerdster. She wears ray-bans while studying atomic physics.

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